Health Carousel Utilizes Tech to Bring Healthcare Solutions Worldwide

First founded in 2004, the Cincinnati-based Health Carousel has played a major role throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the top healthcare workforce solution providers in the nation, Health Carousel has helped connect workforces with the professionals in the healthcare field that they need to meet the demands of the moment.

As healthcare facilities around the nation and the rest of the world continue to burn out during this war of attrition, finding medical professionals that are qualified, competent, and ready to work can become quite the challenge.

This is where Health Carousel steps up to provide worldwide healthcare workforce solutions.

Meeting the Needs of the Moment

Global staffing shortages in the healthcare world have been the norm since at least 2004 when Health Carousel first opened its doors. The pandemic exacerbated shortages and furthered the war of attrition, leaving many healthcare professionals ready to depart from the field due to burnout and career transition.

More than just angling to equip facilities with the qualified and credentialed healthcare professionals they need, Health Carousel also aims to broaden the horizons of healthcare workers so that they can target facilities around the world. The signature program operated by Health Carousel in this regard is called PassportUSA, an international recruiting service.

Health Carousel states on their website, “Its growing sustainable pool of registered nurses, therapists, and medical technologists have on average eight years of experience, education, and training that exceeds common standards or practice in the United States.

On average, professionals that are in the Health Carousel talent tool have roughly more experience than competitors from outside of the pool. Thanks to the high quality of their efforts as well as the associated positive outcomes, Health Carousel International was able to secure a Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission for its healthcare staffing services. Health Carousel also acted as a founding member of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment.

Future of Healthcare and Sustainable Recruitment

Bill DeVille is the Co-Founder as well as the Chairman of Health Carousel, LLC. DeVille has been vocally in front of the recent efforts by the company to spread initiatives to areas of need throughout the pandemic. DeVille stated in an interview that the efforts of Health Carousel to connect medical professionals and facilities were part of a larger effort known as Light the Way.

DeVille said of the Light the Way initiative, “I am not aware of any other company whose primary undertaking is the global movement of healthcare professionals that has set a global sustainability benchmark for its organization.”

The co-founder of Health Carousel would go on to say, “We have some ambitious plans. Our exceptional partnerships to build nursing supplies in the Philippines is really just the start.”

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