Skin Cleansing 101: Why Washing Your Face is Important

Beauty and skincare experts continue to insist on the importance of cleansing your skin, especially the face, at least once every day and, if possible, twice. Research has shown that cleansing your skin is likely to improve its radiance and finishes the job of removing dirt and dead cells after you’ve showered. As long as you use the right face cleansing oil and do it regularly, you are going to see the benefits of cleansing within no time. Here’s why cleansing is such an important activity.

Hydrates Your Skin

To keep your skin soft and supple, it needs to have the right amount of moisture. You always want your skin to have some moisture because when it’s dehydrated, you are likely to feel some itchiness and irritation. Additionally, dry skin tends to feel uncomfortably tight. By cleansing your skin regularly, you can avoid all that. This is because cleansing helps to keep the skin at the right pH levels, thus improving its water retention ability.


Increases the Effectiveness of Skincare Products

If you have been experimenting with different skincare products and can’t seem to be getting the results you hoped for, you should consider cleansing first before using these other products. this is because by cleansing the skin first, you are getting rid of the dirt and grime lying on the skin’s surface opening the avenue for active ingredients applied over to penetrate the skin properly and thus function. Cleansing also helps to clear out pores which make the skin more receptive to treatments such as exfoliators, masks, serums, and moisturizers, thus bringing maximum effectiveness.

Keeps Your Skin Young Looking

With the amount of pollution going on in the world today, you’d be surprised by the levels of impurities surrounding us at any given time. Most of these impurities are just floating in the air but could easily land on your skin because of the large surface area. All these environmental toxins can accelerate the aging process, and if you don’t take care, your skin could age at a faster rate than normal. The solution to this problem is cleansing your skin regularly as it helps to get rid of all the pollutants and thus keep your skin fair and younger-looking.

Helps You Maintain A Clear Skin

Your skin is supposed to produce an oily substance called sebum that keeps it soft and supple. Other than that, sebum is supposed to protect your skin from harsh environmental conditions such as extreme heat or radiation. While it can be very helpful, a build-up of sebum on the skin doesn’t do you any favors. It can mix with dirt, grime, or other residues on your skin which then blocks off the skin follicles. This is what causes inflammation, acne, and a blotchy and lackluster complexion. By using face cleansing oils, you get to remove any excess sebum meaning your skin follicles remain clear.

Experts recommend that you use organic cleansing oils and whenever you notice that a cleanser doesn’t produce the desired result, consult a dermatologist.

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