Top Lifestyle Changes That Will Help Your Erectile Dysfunction 

No matter how common the condition becomes in the US, it will always be difficult for men to discuss erectile dysfunction. The condition is associated with feelings of shame and guilt, even though it should not be. Remember that ED is not your fault and can be cured with the right treatment. Consult with an Erectile Dysfunction Doctor today. 

It may seem like you can cure ED with prescription medicines, but they are only a temporary solution. Moreover, many men cure their ED without any drugs at all, only through lifestyle changes. Preventative care, wellness strategies, and health education are the keys to good health. 

Lifestyle changes to help your erectile dysfunction 

  • Exercise. 

Exercise is good for your overall health and can prevent many health concerns. If you need another reason to exercise daily, walking for 30 minutes can improve erectile dysfunction symptoms. A study conducted by Harvard University found out that people who walk for 30 minutes every day noticed a drop in risk of ED by 41%. Exercise can help with mental health issues like stress and anxiety, which can aggravate or cause ED. 

  • Control your weight. 

Being overweight or obese can affect your entire body, and your penis is no exception. Men accumulate fat in their lower abdomen and the area at the base of the penis. The more the fat increases, the square footage of your penis you lose. Healthy food consumption and lighter weight are associated with ED. 

  • Talk about it. 

This might not seem a viable option for some, but talking about your problems is the first step to solving them. By hiding your problems, you are not letting people help you. Mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and relationship problems can often lead to ED. Talking to your partner, consulting a therapist, or going to couple’s therapy might help. 

  • Reduce sugar intake. 

It is found that men with higher blood sugar levels have trouble getting or maintaining an erection. Research has shown that sugar is a significant cause of erectile dysfunction, and the problem increases in men with diabetes. 

Consuming high amounts of sugar can make you feel tired. When you feel tired, you are not able to participate in sexual activities. Additionally, high levels of sugar can also decrease testosterone in men, leading to reduced libido. 

There is more to ED than most people know. Moreover, there is so much misinformation on the Internet that it is easy to get confused. It is recommended that you try these measures. If you do not see any progress in your health, consult a doctor. 

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